1. The quality and safety concept forms the most important part of the corporate culture.
  2. We use targeted training to prepare our employees for the requirements of customers and authorities.
  3. As a role model, every manager is responsible for promoting quality and safety awareness by the employees, as well as for supporting the company in achieving its goals through personal commitment, respectful interactions with the employees, and a competent management style.
  4. Every single employee is subject to the same top notch performance and quality standards that the company as a whole follows.
  5. Through the targeted logging of needs, understanding of the requirements and active support, it is our goal to meet the expectations of our customers and even exceed them whenever possible.
  6. We use suitable processes and the most modern technologies for the timely manufacture of high-quality products at fair market prices.
  7. We are committed to ensuring the effectiveness of the QM system and to work actively on the continuous improvement of our processes.
  8. We take suitable measures to reduce the probability of occurrence and the impact of potential risks for our customers, the products, and also for our company.
  9. We actively contribute to environmental protection.
  10. We represent the principle of equal opportunities, regardless of origin, ethnicity, nationality, religion, age, gender, disability, or veteran status.

Certified management system

We have the ISO 13485:2016 certificates.

Marking transfer certificate

We are approved by the Swiss Safety Center for the creation of marking transfer certificates.

The credentials and marking transfer certificates are available for download.